1. What is your passenger weight limit and do you have any limitations?
Your weight may not exceed 95 kg to tandem skydive and may not be below 40Kg. Please note that theseweight limits can be reduced based on weather conditions.

2. What about my physical condition?
You need to be in a reasonable physical condition to skydive although a physical disability may not necessarily be a barrier to tandem skydiving. Do forget that you will need to put your feet and legs up for the landing.

3. What’s the minimum age limit?
Age limit is 18 years old.

4. What’s the maximum age limit?
There is no age limit as such… So long as you are in good physical health and have a sense of adventure we encourage you to come and see us for an unforgettable experience!!

5. Where is Skydive Mauritius Drop zone?
Skydive Mauritius is located in North-East side of the island.
Here is our full address: Z.I Mon Loisir Sugar Estate (Airstrip), Rivière Du Rempart, 30107, Mauritius

6. How long will my skydive take?
Your whole tandem skydive experience will take around two to three hours. Our activity is weather depending and the take-off time ‘air traffic’ depending.

7. What do I need to bring?
You don’t need anything special. We provide a jumpsuit, goggles… But please wear shoes that won’t fall off. You need something that will stay on your feet during your 200kph freefall! But even that we have to provide if you don’t have.

8. Can I wear glasses/contacts?
Yes, you can wear your glasses/contacts. We give you goggles that will fit over your glasses or contacts. (Please let your instructor know if you are wearing contact lenses.)

9. Can I jump barefoot?

10. Can my friends and family come and watch me Skydiving?
Yes. We have facilities at our drop zone, so bring as many friends and family to watch and take pictures!

11. Can I take my personal camera in the plane with me and during my skydive jump?
For safety reasons you are not able to take anything in the plane with you. You need a lot of experience to be able to handle a camera during the free fall.
Thus, we are not allowed to put any other straps on the tandem harness or overhead camera for obvious reasons.

12. Can I go in the plane if I am not jumping?
No. Sorry. Again, for safety reasons: everyone in the plane must wear a parachute or if not a skydiver, be seated on a proper seat with a seat belt. As the plane is fully equipped for skydive operation only, there is no seat for passengers.