1. Can we all jump at the same time?
We can jump 2 tandems in our plane at the same time only. Where possible, we try and jump you with your friends or family – we can discuss the options with you further when you come out to skydive.

2. How much can I see?
A lot! You have chosen the most visually spectacular skydive in Maurirtius… From jump altitude – ESPECIALLY 10,000 feet – you will have 360 degree views of Mauritius and its blue lagoon. This is really an amazing experience and one of the most beautiful drop zone in the world.

3. Is it cold?
The plane flight to altitude is not cold. Once the door is open and during freefall you will feel a bit of a rush of fresh air! Most people are too busy thinking about and enjoying their skydive to worry about the temperature!

4. What about the freefall?
Free fall is up to 30 seconds of breathtaking flight, followed by a peaceful and quiet 5 minute parachute descent. You might think there will be a sensation of falling. Freefalling is more like floating on a bed of air – you have no sensation of actually falling. Freefall is a unique feeling… you just have to do a tandem skydive to experience it!

5. What will it feel like when the parachute opens?
As the parachute opens you slow from 120 miles per hour to 10 mph in just a few seconds, you’ll go from the roar of free fall to the sublime silence of parachute flight. Is the tandem skydive landing hard? Skydive Mauritius use state of the art tandem parachutes that are designed for tandem skydiving. These tandem skydiving parachutes are highly manoeuvrable and allow slow, soft parachute landings.