1. Do you know what the weather is going to do?
The weather in Mauritius is usually pretty good across the year, but can change very quickly also! Our winter is also a nice season and clouds do not generally hang around. If you would like to see when it may be great to go skydiving then check out our weather page for information and weather links. Remember it is always best to book in advance rather than wait to see what the day holds; we do not skydive if the weather conditions are not favorable!

2. What if the weather is bad?
We do not jump if the weather is not good for security reason. If you are not able to skydive when you are booked, we can re-book you later on during the day, or the following day depending on the weather and your schedule. We advise you if you can to be flexible around the time of your jump, just in case the weather is not favourable.

3. What sort of weather affects tandem skydiving?
Tandem skydiving is very weather dependent and cannot be undertaken in strong winds, or if there is complete cloud cover. Mauritius weather can often change quickly, so we ask that you call us 60 minutes before your jump, to confirm conditions are suitable for tandem skydiving.

More information on the weather in Mauritius