We do have restrictions of age, weight and physcial conditions to be able to let you on board this unique experience. Use the following link and check if you are eligible !


GENERAL SKYDIVE QUESTIONS2023-04-03T15:04:59+04:00

1. What is your passenger weight limit and do you have any limitations?
Your weight may not exceed 95 kg to tandem skydive and may not be below 40Kg. Please note that theseweight limits can be reduced based on weather conditions.

2. What about my physical condition?
You need to be in a reasonable physical condition to skydive although a physical disability may not necessarily be a barrier to tandem skydiving. Do forget that you will need to put your feet and legs up for the landing.

3. What’s the minimum age limit?
Age limit is 18 years old.

4. What’s the maximum age limit?
There is no age limit as such… So long as you are in good physical health and have a sense of adventure we encourage you to come and see us for an unforgettable experience!!

5. Where is Skydive Mauritius Drop zone?
Skydive Mauritius is located in North-East side of the island.
Here is our full address: Z.I Mon Loisir Sugar Estate (Airstrip), Rivière Du Rempart, 30107, Mauritius

6. How long will my skydive take?
Your whole tandem skydive experience will take around two to three hours. Our activity is weather depending and the take-off time ‘air traffic’ depending.

7. What do I need to bring?
You don’t need anything special. We provide a jumpsuit, goggles… But please wear shoes that won’t fall off. You need something that will stay on your feet during your 200kph freefall! But even that we have to provide if you don’t have.

8. Can I wear glasses/contacts?
Yes, you can wear your glasses/contacts. We give you goggles that will fit over your glasses or contacts. (Please let your instructor know if you are wearing contact lenses.)

9. Can I jump barefoot?

10. Can my friends and family come and watch me Skydiving?
Yes. We have facilities at our drop zone, so bring as many friends and family to watch and take pictures!

11. Can I take my personal camera in the plane with me and during my skydive jump?
For safety reasons you are not able to take anything in the plane with you. You need a lot of experience to be able to handle a camera during the free fall.
Thus, we are not allowed to put any other straps on the tandem harness or overhead camera for obvious reasons.

12. Can I go in the plane if I am not jumping?
No. Sorry. Again, for safety reasons: everyone in the plane must wear a parachute or if not a skydiver, be seated on a proper seat with a seat belt. As the plane is fully equipped for skydive operation only, there is no seat for passengers.

TIMING & TRANSPORT2023-04-03T14:53:43+04:00

1. Do you arrange for transport?
No. We unfortunately do not offer a complimentary transport service. You should make arrangement with your hotel, tour operator or a taxi.
If you have your own transport, we recommend driving over yourself – we are only thirty minutes from Port Louis by car.

2. What time do we have to be at the dropzone?
Please call 60 minutes before your booking time to check on weather conditions and that we are running to schedule. If everything is good then please arrive at your booking time and allow 3 hours for your whole skydive experience.

3. What time are your flights?
We don’t have any set time as we are dependent on weather, air traffic, bookings, etc. We’ll give you a booking time that suits you and you will need to allow at least a couple hours to be with us at the airport.

4. What time are you open?
The phone lines are manned from 7.00 am until 5.00 pm. We can jump during daylight hours, as long as the weather is good & we have bookings. Please call anytime and leave a message or e-mail.

WEATHER ISSUES2023-04-03T14:57:06+04:00

1. Do you know what the weather is going to do?
The weather in Mauritius is usually pretty good across the year, but can change very quickly also! Our winter is also a nice season and clouds do not generally hang around. If you would like to see when it may be great to go skydiving then check out our weather page for information and weather links. Remember it is always best to book in advance rather than wait to see what the day holds; we do not skydive if the weather conditions are not favorable!

2. What if the weather is bad?
We do not jump if the weather is not good for security reason. If you are not able to skydive when you are booked, we can re-book you later on during the day, or the following day depending on the weather and your schedule. We advise you if you can to be flexible around the time of your jump, just in case the weather is not favourable.

3. What sort of weather affects tandem skydiving?
Tandem skydiving is very weather dependent and cannot be undertaken in strong winds, or if there is complete cloud cover. Mauritius weather can often change quickly, so we ask that you call us 60 minutes before your jump, to confirm conditions are suitable for tandem skydiving.

More information on the weather in Mauritius


1. Can we all jump at the same time?
We can jump 2 tandems in our plane at the same time only. Where possible, we try and jump you with your friends or family – we can discuss the options with you further when you come out to skydive.

2. How much can I see?
A lot! You have chosen the most visually spectacular skydive in Maurirtius… From jump altitude – ESPECIALLY 10,000 feet – you will have 360 degree views of Mauritius and its blue lagoon. This is really an amazing experience and one of the most beautiful drop zone in the world.

3. Is it cold?
The plane flight to altitude is not cold. Once the door is open and during freefall you will feel a bit of a rush of fresh air! Most people are too busy thinking about and enjoying their skydive to worry about the temperature!

4. What about the freefall?
Free fall is up to 30 seconds of breathtaking flight, followed by a peaceful and quiet 5 minute parachute descent. You might think there will be a sensation of falling. Freefalling is more like floating on a bed of air – you have no sensation of actually falling. Freefall is a unique feeling… you just have to do a tandem skydive to experience it!

5. What will it feel like when the parachute opens?
As the parachute opens you slow from 120 miles per hour to 10 mph in just a few seconds, you’ll go from the roar of free fall to the sublime silence of parachute flight. Is the tandem skydive landing hard? Skydive Mauritius use state of the art tandem parachutes that are designed for tandem skydiving. These tandem skydiving parachutes are highly manoeuvrable and allow slow, soft parachute landings.

HEALTH & SAFETY2023-04-03T15:00:22+04:00

1. Is it totally safe?
No! There is no such thing as a totally safe parachute jump. The risk for tandem skydiving is fairly low but there is always some risk. As with any action sport, sport parachuting can never be entirely risk-free. All those who choose to participate in the sport therefore voluntarily accept an element of risk. During the tandem jump, you are strapped to an experienced instructor. They have a modern, extra-large, ‘square’ parachute. After a freefall of several thousand feet, the instructor opens the parachute. The instructor deals with any emergencies. The dual control parachute lets you practice canopy control and the instructor controls the landing. The injury rate is extremely low. This is a great way to be introduced to the sport, requires very little training and probably carries the lowest risk profile.

2. Are there safety back-ups if the first parachute doesn’t open properly?
Each parachute system contains two parachutes, a main and a reserve. In the unlikely event that the main parachute does not open properly, there is a second or reserve parachute. The reserve is inspected and packed by a licensed parachute rigger. Additionally, Skydive Mauritius uses automatic reserve parachute activation devices as a back-up safety system.

3. Will I be scared?
The anticipation of the jump as you poise at the aircraft door will be the memory of a lifetime. Some are afraid, some are excited, some are calm and some can’t wait. All new jumpers describe a heart pounding exhilaration when they realise they are about to leap into thin air.

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY OPTIONS2023-04-03T15:01:49+04:00

1. Can we both be filmed at the same time?
No, sorry, it is impossible to film more than one person in freefall. Our camera flyers are good. But you’d have to be faster than a speeding bullet to fly between two tandems falling at terminal velocity. We are very happy to film 2 people on the ground and in the plane. It is best that each person has their own video – be the star you always wanted to be!

2. Why Should I pay more and get the freefall Video or picture options?
Tandem skydiving will be the highlight of your adventure! Freefall video and digital pictures means that you can relive your tandem skydive over and over again. It is your proof and chance to show the world you have done it! Your smile in freefall is priceless!

3. What is the difference between the tandem handi-cam freefall Video Or Photo option?
The Tandem Handi-Cam freefall video is a freefall video taken by your tandem master with his wrist mounted camera with a very wide angle lens. Your Tandem Master is with you every step of the way including your first reactions once the parachute is open and some of the parachute ride. This is a great option for those who do not want any digital freefall pictures. The Tandem Handi-Cam freefall Photo option is a set of freefall photos taken by your tandem master with his wrist mounted camera with a very wide angle lens.

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