I(we) declare that:

  • All information given during booking is true.
  • The price has been acknowledged and accepted.
  • BMI is less than 27.5 for Women 30.0 for men. check it now
  • I am (we are) physically fit and no one is pregnant.
  • I (we) do not, and have not, suffered from any of the following conditions:
    1. Epilepsy,
    2. Fits,
    3. Severe head injury,
    4. Recurrent blackouts or giddiness,
    5. Disease of the brain or nervous system,
    6. High blood pressure,
    7. Dislocated shoulder,
    8. Recurrent weakness or dislocation of any limb,
    9. Replaced joints,
    10. Back surgery,
    11. Diabetes,
    12. Mental illness,
    13. Drug or alcohol addiction.

I(we) comply with:

  • No alcohol and/or drugs can be in my system 24 hours before my tandem skydive
  • No scuba dive 24 hours before skydiving
  • Agree to fill and sign a disclaimer form
  • Understand that all personal cameras or cell phones are not allowed in the plane
  • If not within the age, weight and BMI limits, I (we) will not jump and still be 100% charged as a seat has been booked in the plane
  • In case of bad weather, Skydive Mauritius can cancel the booking at any moment. No charges apply in this case. Safety first!

PS: We ask that you call us 24 hours before your tandem skydive on our phone number +230 54 99 55 51 or +230 54 21 49 87 to confirm your booking and again early morning before leaving your place to double check the weather conditions.

By Sending your booking request, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our PRIVACY POLICY and the above ‘TERMS and CONDITIONS